The Crossroads Project

What is The Crossroads Project?

The Crossroads Project is a project set up by Scarlet to archive, recreate and preserve as much content from ROBLOX during 2006 and early-2007, in one central area for everyone to access.

What content will be archived?

Any content that we can get our hands on. Images, videos, places, models, etc.

How do you know the content is authentic?

The team behind this project are familiar with verifying the authenticity of content from this period, and if we are unsure, we recruit more experienced members.

Can I submit content to be archived?

Yes, contact the owner of the project on Discord at Scarlet#7164.

If a place is a recreation, will it be mentioned?

Yes, In the description of our uploads we will specify if a place is a recreation.

Do the files have any malware slipstreamed?

No, We will not publish and have not published any malicious files under any circumstances, if any are flagged by your Antivirus it's a false-positive.

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