The Crossroads Project

What is Lilium?

Lilium is a recreation of the old ROBLOX clients from October 2006 and February 2007.

Lilium was first released to the public in July 2018 under the name Kutanga, it originally used the August 2007 build of ROBLOX as a base, and was patched using x86 ASM and Hex Editing. The original releases only featured 2006.

By version 1.4, early 2007 was added, and after 1.6, development halted due to burnout and a lack of new ideas. The project was originally shut down in February 2019 due to controversy surrounding the owner.

In March 2021, Lilium development restarted using the new build as a base. The original intention was to keep the client recreations private, but publish other content such as places and images.

SECURITY NOTE: This recreation is based on March 2007, which is known to be insecure and littered with remote-code execution exploits. The Crossroads Project strongly advises not to host public servers for anyone to join and will not take any responsibility for possible infections/damage to your hardware.

Download Lilium (Installer) Download Lilium (Portable)